5 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Dr. Walker is in my opinion, one of the finest Chiropractors out there. He explains what he is doing, why he is doing it and how it is going to help alleviate your pain. If you ask me with each adjustment, he gives away the secrets on what he is doing. I have been going to Dr. Walker for over 10 years now and I would recommend him to anyone. David Stahl, loyal patient.

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  2. Dr Dan is a caring and great Chiropractor. He always makes me feel so much better when I leave than when I come in to see him. He uses his activator to adjust me, checks muscles and turns them back on if needed and makes me feel like a new person able to work at my best! Check him out and you will be happy you did.

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  3. I was referred to Dr. Dan for his shoulder protocol. My shoulder had been keeping me up at night for months. He actually took the time to work on my entire body, not just my shoulder. He spent the normal amount of time that a chiropractor spends on the typical adjustments with the activator, but it is the other work he did that motivated me to write this review. He spent an hour working with me and teaching me what I could do to improve my condition/health. I noticed an improvement after the first session and it keeps getting better. I have been 3 times so far and now he is spacing the visit out a little further since I am doing well.

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  4. Dr. Dan is one of the best chiropractor’s in the Erie area… I am very pleased that I was referred to him at a time when my physical health was poor… I had a hard time walking and simply getting around without pain.. ..He began working on my alignment , which was completely off, ,, In the most gentle way , which in fact surprised me , .. He manipulated the trigger points to give me mobility and to lessen and remove pain from my back, shoulder and every other points that were limiting me… I like the fact that he spends time with you.. He truly cares about helping and making you feel better.. I can honestly say that today I am more mobile , free of 90% of pain than I was 6 months ago… Dr. Dan has a wonderful way with people.. He Listens !!! He cares !!! He teaches !! He laughs and cries with you… I cannot Thank this wonderful man enough…
    Thank you Dr. Dan… You have changed my outlook on life… Ruth

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