A “Master”-ful Win for Chiropractic

A “Master”-ful Win for Chiropractic

In early April, the world watched as 21 year old Jordan Spieth became the second-youngest golfer to win the Masters Tournament, one of golf’s elite tournaments.

Spieth credited his team for his stellar performance, including chiropractor Dr. Troy Van Biezen. Four out of five golfers experience back pain due to the repetitive motion of swinging a golf club and Spieth said that he has received chiropractic care since he was 14 and continues to receive care daily to maintain optimum health and overall athletic performance.

Following a record-breaking win at the 2015 Masters Tournament, 21 year-old Jordan Spieth recognized those who significantly contributed to his victory, including his doctor of chiropractic Troy Van Biezen, Dallas Texas. Since the age of 14, Spieth has relied upon chiropractic care to prevent injuries as well as optimize overall health and athletic performance.

“Dr. Van Biezen is an important member of my team and, thanks to his care, my all-time dream of winning the Masters Tournament has now become a reality,” states Jordan Spieth.

Noting that four out of five golfers experience back pain as a result of repetitive swinging, Dr. Van Biezen says, “Since a very young age, Jordan has aspired to win the Masters and has since applied great discipline to achieve this goal. Many athletes, and especially golfers, understand the significance to spinal and pelvic motion to functional performance.”

Eighteen Things you never knew…

1. A good belly laugh can dilate your blood vessels an average of 22% making laughter good for your heart.
2. Aspirin has been linked to ringing in the ears (tinnitus). But 40 mg of ginkgo biloba, 3 times a day may relieve the problem.
3. Freshly brewed chamomile tea can help relieve stubborn flatulence. Adding fennel, peppermint, and ginger can boost its effectiveness.
4. Sleeping pills can spike your risk of dying by more than a third. A low dose of melatonin – 0.1 to 0.3 mg, at night – can improve sleep quality without the drug side effects.
5. After age 30 we literally begin to shrink…losing about a half an inch of height per decade. If you’re shrinking faster see your doctor.
6. To ward off digestive problems 1 to 5 billion probiotic organisms a day are usually enough. But if you’re suffering from an illness like diarrhea upping the dosage to 10 billion or higher can help.
7. The tocotrienol forms of vitamin E… 240 to 300 mg daily… can help reduce plaque in your arteries.
8. Mild dehydration is a major cause of daytime fatigue and mood swings. Drink at least 60 ounces of purified water a day.
9. Aching feet? Try sprinkling a little cayenne pepper into your socks or dabbing it on the soles of your feet for relief.
10. The curry spice turmeric may help you survive bypass surgery and even avoid a heart attach during your recovery.
11. Dark circles under you eyes may mean your liver is not working effectively and puffy “bags” can mean your kidneys are not cleaning toxins as they should. A month or two of a milk thistle supplement can help.
12. Cold and flu viruses can survive up to 72 hours on plastic surfaces. You can support your immune system with the Chinese herb astragalus.
13. Everything from antibiotics to Prozac have been found in the feathers of factory farm chickens. Skip the big supermarket brands and choose an organic bird instead.
14. Junk food can make you depressed. A new study out of Europe finds that a steady junk-food habit can boost your risk of depression by up to a whopping 51 percent!
15. The Flavonoid rutin found in apples, onions, cirtrus fruits, asparagus, red wine and green tea can help prevent blood clots and reduce your risk of heart attack or stroke.
16. A positive attitude may literally ward off a heart attack. A recent Harvard analysis of more than 200 studies confirmed that an optimistic outlook could cut your risk of a first heart attack in half.
17. Despite what you may have heard eggs won’t raise your cholesterol levels. But eating some at breakfast can help you feel less hungry and help you lose weight.
18. Besides the unhealthy fake butter you find in microwave popcorn it can contain perfluoroocatanoic acid (PFOA), a cancer-linked chemical used to manufacture the heat-resistant fluoropolymers used in some food packaging.

You Are What You Eat: 6 Food Additives That Are Secretly Making Us FAT

I’m here to tell you that the food industry is lying to you. There are many “safe” food additives on the market that really are NOT SAFE!! Yes, you heard me right AND I will give you a small list of them below to prove it. These food additives are literally making you sicker, robbing you of your youth, and making you gain weight!

Food additives are man-made, synthetic chemicals used to preserve foods, make them taste better, add supposed nutritional value and get this…THEY BYPASS YOUR HUNGER MECHANISM MAKING YOU CRAVE MORE AND EAT MORE FOOD! Now, let’s think like the food industry for a second… If people, eat more food and increase in size, then they will crave more food and then we can sell them more food! It’s a great way to make money if you really think about it. Very unethical, but brilliant. BELIEVE IT OR NOT, THIS IS HAPPENING! Look around at the American population. Do you really think that it is coincidence that 70% of the US is obese? By 2030, the Journal of Obesity is predicting the 90% of the United States will be obese.

Will You Be A Victim TOO?

The sad part about this whole situation is the fact that the general public has no idea that theyare being lied to. This reminds me of a quote…

“Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it and eventually they will believe it” – Adolf Hitler

The media is using psychological marketing tactics to make you believe that foods that are “fat free” are healthy and helping you to lose weight.

Please, please, please don’t trust everything that you hear. Especially from the news, commercials, TV, radio, etc. They don’t have your best interest at heart. You are a consumer so they want to help you consume their products or their sponsor’s products.

Alright, sorry about all the ranting and raving, I just get so emotional about this topic because I see people everyday in my office who suffer because they have been lied to.

The Worst Ingredients On A Food Label

Sample Label

1. High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS): This is a man made sweetener that is cheaper to produce and actually sweeter than sugar. There are actually new commercials touting how healthy HFCS is. They are trying to say that it is safe and natural.

Let me ask you this: Can you squeeze corn syrup from corn? Can mom make high fructose corn syrup at home? NO! It’s a lie! Remember the quote above? HFCS is anything but natural and will actually shut off your hunger mechanism allowing you to eat without feeling full which will MAKE YOU FAT!

It is associated with blood sugar problems (ATTENTION Moms: Childhood obesity, and Juvenile Diabetes is on the rise! So is ADD/ADHD. HFCS is a huge culprit!) Depression, fatigue, B vitamin deficiency, indigestion and tooth decay.

HGCS is found in soda, candy, condiments, cereals, breads, etc.

2. Mono Sodium Glutamate (MSG): MSG is a food flavoring that is notorious in Chinese foods. It is also hidden in a variety of other foods and goes by many different names: hydrolyzed vegetable protein, hydrolyzed plant extract, plant protein extract, sodium caseinate, yeast extract, texturized protein, autolyzed yeast, hydrolyzed oat flour, natural flavorings and calcium caseinate to name a few… there are dozens more names.

MSG is the MOST addictive substance known to man and makes you want to eat more and more! It is called an excitotoxin because it excites your brain cells to the point that it actually makes them explode and die. Sound like something good to put in you and your kids bodies?

Watch out… it is found in everything from fast food, to kid’s snacks, drinks, chips, etc., allergic reactions. (80% of people are shown to be allergic to MSG)

MSG causes headaches, itching, nausea, brain, nervous system, reproductive disorders, high blood pressure.

3. Artificial Sweeteners: Splenda (sucralose), Nutra-Sweet (aspartame), Equal (aspartame), SweetNLow (saccharin), sorbitol, maltodextrin, dextrose, and acefulsame are all falsely representing weight loss foods. They are very toxic to your body and will bypass your hunger mechanism, causing you to crave more food.

Stay away from anything labeled fat free, lite, no fat, no calories, calorie free, sugar free, reduced sugar and reduced fat. Most of these foods have been filled with artificial sweeteners. READ YOUR LABELS!

Is having no calories in your “diet” drink worth the risk?

Artificial sweeteners are liked to various cancers, blood sugar problems, central nervous system disturbances (nutra sweet in diet coke was blamed for gulf war syndrome) and menstrual difficulties to name a few.

4. Trans Fats: Partially Hydrogenated Soy Bean Oil, margarine, hydrogenated vegetable oils are fats whose molecular structure has been chemically altered in a lab. These are guaranteed to pack on the pounds because your body has no idea what to do with them because they are synthetic. These are associated with heart disease, breast and colon cancer, atherosclerosis, high cholesterol.

5. Food Colorings: Red Dye, Blue No 1, Yellow No 6, etc. These are made from coal tar and are potent carcinogens that cause allergic reactions and may contain cancer causing contaminants.

6. Preservatives/Additives: potassium benzoate, sulfites, nitrites, nitrates, BHA all can cause liver damage, kidney damage, behavioral problems, birth defects, cancers, infertility, weakened immune systems, headaches, nausea, etc.

WOW What a list!

Let’s sum everything that we’ve learned today up:

Be sure to Read Your Food Labels!
Be educated on what foods will help you lose weight and which ones
are “Imposters”.
If the ingredient list is long… avoid it! It will not help you lose weight
and will make you sick!
Eat foods in their natural state – The farther away a food is processed
away from nature, the less healthy it is for you and the more likely it will
make you fat!
Avoid anything labeled as Fat Free, No Calories, Low Calorie, or No Fat!

Dr. Dan Walker

A. K. Chiropractic & Massage
Erie’s Reviving Bodywork Studio
At Integrative Wellness Options
4906 Richmond St
Erie, Pa 16509

The Brain’s Immune System

The brain is made up of two types of cell: neurons and microglia cells. Neurons are responsible for communication within the brain and everything we associate with brain activity, such as our intelligence, emotions, and the ability to automatically breathe, digest or maintain a heartbeat.

The microglia cells are the brain’s immune cells. It’s their job to react to foreign invaders, clean up debris and plaque, and dissolve dead neurons. The microglia is necessary for optimal communication and healthy brain function.

Although microglial cells function as the brain’s immune system, they are unlike the immune system in the rest of the body. When a virus or bacteria invades your body, the body’s immune system orchestrates a complex and multi-faceted response. For instance, once an antigen (a foreign invader) is successfully killed, the immune system’s T-suppressor cells call off the attack and send the troops home.

Not so with the brain’s immune system. If an antigen makes its way into the brain, there is no complex orchestration, but rather an all-out assault by the brain’s microglial cells on the invader and, as a consequence, inflammation and degeneration of surrounding brain tissue. What’s worse is that there are no T-suppressor cells to call off the attack, and the microglia cells, in their unrestrained assault, create brain inflammation and chew up brain tissue in a degenerative cascade.

What Stops the Invaders?

The microglia cells not only make up more than half of the total mass of the brain, but they also make up the blood-brain barrier, a thin barrier that lines the brain and allows necessary, nano-sized substances to pass through. The blood-brain barrier is important for keeping antigen (foreign invaders, such as viruses or bacteria) and environmental toxins out of the brain.

Unfortunately, the blood –brain barrier can develop “leaks” for a variety of reasons, including poor blood-sugar stability(particularly insulin resistance), chronic stress, chronic inflammation, poor gut health, poor diet with unhealthy fats(fast food fats), and unchecked autoimmune activity, such as Hashimoto’s disease, alcohol and high homocysteine levels. If you are familiar with leaky gut, then you’ll understand leaky brain, as both the gut and the brain are immune barriers vulnerable to the same problem.

When the blood-brain barrier develops leaks, bad guys get in, the microglial cells go nuts, and a whole lot of brain tissue gets chewed up. This creates inflammation, which is felt in some as “brain fog” and leads to accelerated brain degeneration.

The Leaky Brain Challenge

How do we know if your blood-brain barrier is leaky? A simple and easy way to find out is to do a blood-brain challenge. To do this, simply take 1000mg of straight GABA (not GABA precursors such as theanine).

GABA is a neurotransmitter synthesized in the brain and is responsible for calming or inhibiting over activity. Although some companies sell GABA supplements, the reality is GABA molecule is too large to pass through an intact blood-brain barrier. The fact that this supplement sells so well is a testament to the integrity of the average American’s blood-brain barrier.

So, if several hours after taking 1000 mg of GABA, you feel calm, relaxed or sleepy, you know that GABA, a molecule too large to pass through the blood-brain barrier, has nevertheless made it into your brain and is performing its calming duties. This means your blood-brain barrier has become compromised and your brain is highly susceptible to the immune rampages I discussed above.

Some people, instead of feeling relaxed, will find GABA makes them feel more anxious or jittery. The bottom line here is that any reaction at all indicates a leaky brain barrier.

If you felt no change after taking GABA that is a good sign that your blood-brain barrier is intact and functioning well. For accurate results, be sure to take this test during the day and not at bedtime.

Dr. Dan Walker

A. K. Chiropractic & Massage
Erie’s Reviving Bodywork Studio
At Integrative Wellness Options
4906 Richmond St
Erie, Pa 16509

The first things to do when a cold or flu strikes

Last time I wrote about some of the “Gold Standard” scientific studies that found little or no evidence that the flu vaccines effectively prevent the flu.

So here’s a review of what you can do to protect yourself and your family from colds and any type of flu this season, and in years to come.

Colds and flu’s are the result of a viral assault on an impaired immune system. They are not an enviable result of viral exposure alone.

A number of factors influence your immune function including diet, well chosen supplements, exercise and proper sleep.


Both colds and flu’s are caused by a wide variety of viruses (not bacteria). So antibiotics will not help you because they don’t kill viruses. Cold and flu viruses usually attack your respiratory system.


The most common way viruses are spread is through hand contact. For example someone with a cold blows their nose then shakes your hand or touches surfaces that you also touch. However, the key to remember is that just being exposed to a cold virus does not mean that you will catch it (Remember it depends on how strong your immune system is. If your immune system is operating at its peak you should not have to worry about getting sick.


Andrographis Complex – My patients absolutely love this product. It is especially useful for acute infections particularly Viral Infections. Prevention and treatment of colds, influenza and upper respiratory acute infection’s. Relief of the fever of influenza, relief of mucus congestion and to boost immunity for any other infections.

Increase your Vitamin D intake. One reason for the widespread of cold and flu’s maybe that Vitamin D deficiency is incredibly common in the United States, especially during the winter months when cold and flu viruses are at their peak. Research involving about 19,000 Americans has confirmed that catching colds and flu may actually be a symptom of an underlying Vitamin D deficiency. Less than optimal Vitamin D levels will significantly impair your immune response and make you far more susceptible to contracting colds, influenza, and other respiratory infections.

Make sure you are getting enough sleep – That you have a well chosen supplement program. Increase or start taking Zinc, drink green tea with very little sugar because sugar is fertilizer for pathogenic bacteria, yeast and fungi that can set your immune system up for an assault by respiratory virus. Most people don’t realize that 80% of you immune system actually lies in your gastrointestinal tract. That’s why controlling your sugar intake is critical for optimizing your immune system Reishi mushrooms can also help the immune system. If you need further help please don’t hesitate to call.


Here is what one of my patients have said –
For several years, I felt extremely tired all the time. I had no motivation or stamina to get things done. Sometimes I would be so tired; I couldn’t focus or concentrate on anything. I also had problems with a sour stomach and gassy bowels. Dr Walker changed all of that. It has been an eye opening experience for me. I learned how much my diet, and how the right supplements, could change my problems. Now I have more energy and stamina than ever and my stomach and bowels feel better. Most of all Dr. Walker is dedicated and has the knowledge to get you under way to a life changing experience. Robert T.

Dr. Dan Walker

A. K. Chiropractic & Massage
Erie’s Reviving Bodywork Studio
At Integrative Wellness Options
4906 Richmond St
Erie, Pa 16509

Should I get a flu shot?

In this weeks issue. The question is should you get a flu shot?

Here is some information I believe you should know before making that choice.
The Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends children ages 6 months and older should get a flu vaccine. However a review of over 51 studies involving 290,000 children reported no evidence that injecting children 6-24 months of age was any more effective than a placebo. For children over 2 years old the flu vaccine was useless for two thirds of the children that received it. On the contrary, using the flumist vaccine on children with asthma had a 300% increased risk of hospitalization.
You would think that the flu vaccine would be effective in preventing the elderly from getting the flu. A review of 75 studies found that vaccinating the elderly was ineffective at preventing the complications from the flu.

Before you vaccinate for the flu, you should understand what is in the vaccine. The flu shot contains a mixture of egg proteins including bird contaminant viruses. It also contains polysorbate 80 (associated with infertility in animals), formaldehyde (a known carcinogen), Triton X 100 (detergent), sucrose (sugar), and thimerosal (50% mercury by weight). The multi-dose flu vaccines still contain mercury which is the third most toxic item know to mankind. You should not ingest or inject any mercury containing products. Looking at this cornucopia of toxic ingredients should make it clear that it is best to avoid injecting the flu vaccine in any living being.

What should you do to protect yourself? Their are many things you can do. What I recommend is to set up an appointment and together we can work on a natural solution that is neither poison nor does it have side effects like so many drugs do.

Dr. Dan Walker

A. K. Chiropractic & Massage
Erie’s Reviving Bodywork Studio
At Integrative Wellness Options
4906 Richmond St
Erie, Pa 16509

You Ought to Know: Dan Walker

You Ought to Know: Dan Walker
By Alex Bieler
Published in: Vol. 3, No. 17 of Erie Reader – Wednesday, August 21st, 2013

Dans-Portraits-033_1377088254Some people prefer to take a hands-off approach in life, allowing things to happen without any intervention. Dr. Dan Walker is not one of those people. In fact, he’s about as hands-on as you can get.

You see, Dan runs Erie’s Reviving Bodywork Studio, located on the corner of 38th and Washington streets, where he uses his golden mitts as a licensed chiropractor, applied kinesiologist, and massage therapist to ease the pains of patrons. Dan opened up the studio just a few months ago after spending a couple of years at Professional Massage Therapy and Reflexology, deciding it was time to go out on his own in Erie and help show the community what a kinesiologist can do.

“It’s a fancy word for someone that works with the bones and the muscles,” Dan explains, an older gentleman decked out in his standard work uniform of a black polo and pants, meeting me for lunch between sessions. “I go through and do major muscle testing of the body to find out which muscles are not working, which are not balanced, and then I go and balance them out. I basically talk to the body.”

Appropriately, the man’s hands are used for talking to more than just muscles. Phalanges float in front of the doctor, dexterously shifting in air to help emphasize particular points. He exposes his palm while pointing down to a sheet he prepared to help explain muscle testing to newcomers like myself.

Hearing – and watching – Dan speak, it’s easy to see that he’s has been working with his hands his whole life. However, it does come as a bit of a surprise that he didn’t get into applied kinesiology until the ‘90s.

“I didn’t graduate [from Parker University Chiropractic College in Dallas] until I was 50 years old,” Dan says. “I was the oldest at school.”

Decades before deciding to head down to Texas to become a doctor, Dan was still working with his well-practiced paws. Originally a Boston boy, he came to Erie as part of the New Younger Band in the ‘70s. He ended up staying in The Flagship City and continued to play music while picking up some hands-on trades.

“I was a carpenter around here for a while,” Dan says, thinking back to his previous careers. “I was also a hairdresser. I owned a shop in Lawrence Park for 10 years – His and Her Hair Fashions by Dan.”

After decades of dealing with two-by-fours and follicles, Dan was inspired by his father-in-law, an applied kinesiologist, to try and pick up the trade. Soon, he uprooted himself to instead work with muscles and bones and became the oldest student in his class at Parker.

“It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done,” Dan says, his hands resting in front of him on the U Pick 6 Tap House table that separates us. “I didn’t really think of the age, I was just thanking the good Lord that I was getting done. It was 24/7, just balls-to-the-wall trying to get everything put together and done and get out of your classes and all that. It was a constant struggle, but now I get to help people get well.”

After graduating, Dan spent some time practicing in Utah while he waited for his background checks to clear so that he could be allowed to work in California. After he went through the lengthy process, he settled down in Southern California, living in San Diego for close to 15 years. There he joined some of the best doctors in the world, practicing their new, innovative techniques on a Hollywood crowd that strived to stay happy, healthy, and beautiful.

Still, after over a decade on the West Coast, Dan started to become bored of San Diego and its typical 72-degree weather. He knew his time was up in the Golden State after his daughter appealed for him to return.

“She said, ‘Dad, I’d really like to have children, and I’d like them to know their grandfather,’” he says, rotating his right wrist, exposing his palm to the ceiling. “It took me about six months to collect everything, so I got here about 2010.”

Three years in, it’s like he never really left, sans the kinesiology and massage training and new business. He’s even performing with a band again, playing bass with The 4 Jays after founding member Dave Dennison invited him to join the smooth crooners.

While performing for the community is nice, Dan still knows that there’s more he can do for Erie with the skills he learned down in Dallas. In fact, he’s already planning on reaching out to local high schools and universities to offer up his expertise.

“I would like to help some of the schools and their athletes,” Dan says earnestly. “That’s where my strong point is. That’s what I can do and do it well, and I know I can make a difference. Can I take care of everything? No, but I know I can make a difference.”

Dan’s been helping athletes out ever since he started practicing kinesiology, working on massive football players with NFL talent and keeping them in peak playing performance and smallish teens that just want to play, despite their injuries. He can see the results after he’s worked with them, and other patients, and he plans to keep on doing so for a while.

“The legacy I want to leave is that I helped people, that I helped them get well and made a difference in their lives,” Dan says, as he leans forward, thinking of the future aches and pains he plans to alleviate and the faces that accompany them.

Dr. Dan has had many callings throughout his life, but he seems to have settled right in to applied kinesiology and massage. And now that he’s back in Erie, he plans on having a hand in the future of this community.